Beach Please!

Beach Please!

The 3rd largest of the 5 oceans in the continent, the Indian Ocean has a coastline of about 66,526 km  which runs through  16 African countries, EA included. The EA Coast presents cultural diversity, sandy & pristine beaches, amazing scenery, tropical beaches, water sports, snorkeling and so much more! It presents the paradox probably never heard before, “So many places, so many choices”. Jay Z may have had 99 problems, but when it comes to the sun and sand on the East African Coast, the beach ain’t one of them.

The white pristine beaches will give you and your loved ones a well-deserved break and provide you the best “backdrop” to your experience through pictures, and videos for keepsake It is home to rich heritage sites such as Lamu, and  beautiful beaches such as Diani, Bamburi and Kilifi on the Kenyan Coast where international yatching competitions and golfing tournaments are held. The towns nearing the coast are the African continent’s most cultural and biologically diverse areas with rich marine life of which 15% are not found  anywhere else in the world.